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Hat Creek Ranger Station Janitorial Services Solicitation Number: 129AC718Q0005 Agency: Department of Agriculture Office: Forest Service Location: R-5 Northern CA Acquisition Service Area Classification Code: S -- Utilities and housekeeping services Material Handling Equipment Maintenance Solicitation Number: N3904018Q0012 Agency: Department of the Navy Office: Naval Sea Systems Command Location: Portsmouth Navy Shipyard Classification Code: J -- Maintenance, repair & rebuilding of equipment
R--PIANIST SERVICES FOR CHAPEL Solicitation Number: 36C26218Q9067 Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs Office: Long Beach VANLO Location: Department of Veterans Affairs Classification Code: R -- Professional, administrative, and management support services K9 Unit Support Solicitation Number: W912GY18RFI02 Agency: Department of the Army Office: Army Contracting Command Location: ACC - WRN (W912GY)(SIAD) Place of Performance: 74 Currant Street Bldg 60 Herlong, California 96113 United States Classification Code: R -- Professional, administrative, and management support services
W--OPTION - Copiers Solicitation Number: 4344DRCAJ00157 Agency: Department of Homeland Security. Office: Federal Emergency Management Agency Location: Acquisition Operations Division (AOD) Base Period of Performance: 11/23/2017 - 02/22/2018 LI 001: Rental of three (3) Black and White Multi-Function device. White copier, printer, scanner, email capabilities, Network capable, duplex copier. Classification Code: W -- Lease or Rental of equipment Safety and Mission Assurance Solicitation Number: 80ARC018R0006 Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office: Ames Research Center Location: Office of Procurement Classification Code: R -- Professional, administrative, and management support services
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