The creation of an online strategy which incorporates the branding of your products and services for a fraction of the cost. Geo-Target Advertising - Advertisement (Ad) is created, posted, and marketed at a competitive fee. Location-Based Advertising - Our location-based ad campaigns link to your website and are "Search Engine Optimized (SEO)." SEO Bargain Buyer Shopping (SEO BBS) - Statewide, nationwide, and worldwide directories. Web Design/Development/Hosting/Themes/Email Account/Electronic Form - Let us handle the specifics of your “Budget Friendly” website so that you can focus on what you love to do! Data Preparation; Business Intelligence & Reporting; Insights & Analysis - Data collection, cleaning, and consolidation, i.e., data discovery, structuring, transformation, and validation. Statewide-Nationwide-Worldwide Reach SEO Marketing, Advertising & Branding SEO Affliate Publishers Lew's Veterans Solutions Administration Budget Friendly Website Web Design, Development, Hosting & Templates/Themes SSL Certificate Unlimited Disk Space/Bandwidth Email/Electronic Forms Data Management Experts Preparation & Collection Discovery/Structuring/Transformation/Validation Track Performance - Identify Trends - Monitor Changes.
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